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We invite you to gain deeper insights into our TECHNOMELT portfolio by downloading exclusive content and watching videos on our circuit board protection technology.

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TECHNOMELT Application Checklist

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Technical Article

Encapsulate and Cool: Thermally Conductive Molding Solution that Takes the Heat

Technical Article

A Novel Solution for Circuit Board Protection

Technical Article

Taking off the Mask: Automated, Dispensable, Peelable Electronics Masking Solution Eliminates Manual, Time-Consuming Processes

Process and Design Considerations

Processes and recommendations for handling low pressure molding materials

Low Pressure Molding/Solder Compatibility Study

Impact of Low Pressure  Molding on Solder Joints

Low Pressure Molding Overview

Introduction to the low pressure molding technology,
process and product solutions

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Auto-masking Dispense Study

Customer evaluation on consistency and repeatability of material dispense weights

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Masking Residue Study

Customer evaluation on residues after masking, comparing AS 8998 and UV-cured materials

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Technology Overview

Introduction to the benefits and cost savings of the peelable masking solution

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Study

Residue testing after the material is removed from a circuit board

TECHNOMELT AS 4226 Discoloration Study

Color stability and material testing within oxygen and nitrogen environments

TECHNOMELT PA 668 Discoloration Study

Color stability and material testing within oxygen and nitrogen environments

TECHNOMELT PA 2692 Dwell Time Study

Color and mechanical properties stability testing within an oven at 240°C

Technical Data Sheets

Performance and technical characteristics of the TECHNOMELT materials

Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDS)

Safety precautions for handling and working with the TECHNOMELT materials

Low Pressure Molding Brochure

Comprehensive information on the TECHNOMELT line products and the technology benefits

Product Fact Sheets

Introduction to the products' features and benefits


Press Releases

TECHNOMELT press releases

Low Pressure Molding Video

TECHNOMELT requires only three simple steps to encapsulate a circuit board, compared to up to eight steps with traditional potting. See for yourself the process improvements and material benefits when using TECHNOMELT in your manufacturing process.

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