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Thermally Conductive TECHNOMELT

TECHNOMELT TC 50, Henkel’s latest thermally conductive TECHNOMELT material innovation, combines the low-pressure, protective benefits of all TECHNOMELT materials with new, thermally conductive functional capabilities.

As an alternative to conventional potting techniques, Henkel’s new TECHNOMELT TC 50 offers improved process and performance benefits along with thermal conductivity >0.5 W/mK for the dissipation of heat through the encapsulating material.


Reduced Process Steps and Material Consumption

  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCOO)
  • Reduces inventory and work in process (WIP)
  • Lowers labor cost per part
  • Low capital equipment costs
  • Fewer physical parts, reducing the number of items on the bill of materials (BOM)
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Increased Throughput

  • Reduced cycle time per part
  • Reduced equipment and operations footprint
  • Fewer machines in a manufacturing line
  • Fewer manufacturing lines needed to meet throughput
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  • Solvent-free, no safety labels
  • 80% of raw materials are based on renewables (vegetable oils)
  • No harmful fumes from the molding process
  • Long shelf life
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
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Energy Reduction

  • Low-viscosity materials allow for low injection pressures
  • No cure process required  eliminates ovens
  • Reduced shipping costs of final products
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Heat dissipation

  • Heat dissipation through TECHNOMELT low pressure molding material
  • Substantially decreases component temperature
  • Stable filler dispersion that eliminates  settling for continued low pressure molding
  • Low-abrasive filler
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Material Properties

  • Thermal management
  • Increased throughput
  • Simplified process
  • Reduced material consumption (skylining)
  • Non-toxic solution
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Melt Viscosity Profile

  • Henkel’s novel thermally conductive TECHNOMELT TC 50 combines expertise both in hot melt resins and filler technology. The specially tailored rheology profile provides melt viscosity below the threshold recommended for standard low pressure molding applications. The proprietary filler system delivers thermal performance while maintaining filler dispersion for prolonged times at melt temperatures above 180°C. The low-abrasion filler minimizes wear on molding equipment.
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Thermal Test Package

  • Thermal modeling shows standard TECHNOMELT does not effectively migrate heat away from component heat sources.
  • TECHNOMELT TC 50 shows improvement in heat dissipation through the encapsulating layer.
  • IGBTs with 21 watts applied show a 38°C lower junction temperature when using TECHNOMELT TC 50.
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TECHNOMELT materials have been used for many years to shape and protect electronics in a safe, fast, low pressure molding encapsulation process. From a development point of view, the next logical step was to expand the performance of these versatile materials by adding functional capability in the form of thermal dissipation. It may sound like a simple idea, but from a formulation perspective it was far from easy. Over the last four years, a team of more than 10 polymer chemists and engineers in Henkel’s global R&D group worked diligently to design a TECHNOMELT material that would deliver heat dissipation yet maintain compatibility with the low pressure molding technique and equipment. The result? The market’s first thermally conductive polyamide hot melt material – TECHNOMELT TC 50!

Luca Marchese Technical Director for Henkel Polyamide Hot Melt Products Henkel Logo


Key Application Areas

Automotive Electronic Power Systems

  • Excellent heat spreading to avoid hot spots
  • Automotive fluid resistance
  • Temperature-resistant materials for use in engine compartments
  • Skylining allows for the use of less material, precise encapsulation and less weight  ideal for tight spaces in automotive applications
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LED Drivers

  • Provides increased thermal transfer as power increases
  • Dramatically improves cycle times over traditional potting materials
  • UV, thermally and color stabilized
  • UL rated
  • Supports high throughput manufacturing and improves scalability
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Solar Inverters

  • Durable material to survive harsh outdoor environments
  • Minimizes air gaps
  • Completely seals connectors and wires from moisture ingress
  • Minimizes interfacial resistance between the low pressure molding material and substrate, promoting heat transfer
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Power Supplies

  • Simplified process reduces filling and sealing steps
  • High dielectric strength
  • Eliminates housing, providing more streamlined design options
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Camera Modules

  • Protects multiple components in one system
  • Compatible with sensitive MEMS devices
  • Flexible design options to fit into small spaces
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